Meath Community Drug and Alcohol Response (MCDAR)


Addiction of all sorts, and problems with alcohol and drugs, impact on everyone, sometimes with devastating consequences, especially for family and friends, but also on community living. Addiction affects people from all walks of life and people of all shapes, sizes and creeds. Stereotypes are largely inaccurate except in the most extreme cases. Few families can claim to be unaffected. In these stringent times funding is very hard to attract and so essential services are often cut back or non-existent. In some areas services are hit and miss at best. So locally well run counselling and support services are worth their weight in gold. MCDAR was founded in 2001 and in 2004 yours truly was kindly invited to give the opening address at a joint local school/MCDAR information evening for the community. I have had a very close affinity with the organisation ever since. By complete coincidence I play golf in ‘Co. Meath’, Trim and MCDAR are based there too. They have recently moved to the town centre. I admire their committed voluntary community approach so much and have watched as they added services year on year. I know many people who have been successfully helped thanks to their dedicated work. Cathy Whelan who has run the organisation since its inception wrote the piece below to let folk know what they do. Cathy, her husband Noel and I go back to our early days working together in St. Patrick’s Hospital, D.8. I only met her occasionally in the intervening years until she started this important venture and two years ago MCDAR Management Committee asked me to be ‘Patron’ of the organisation. What an honour! I didn’t know what it meant in practice and having accepted then came the worry – how can I help them out?! So writing this for readers assuages my guilt a little and Barbara and I ran a quiz last year in the golf club, to raise some funds for MCDAR. It was fully supported by the club officials and the members and was a great success. So we are doing it again in the same venue this year, Friday 21st March at 8 p.m. We have wonderful prizes thanks to all our sponsors and all are welcome. It is a unique table quiz in that it is indexed to match the par of each hole, and 73 questions in all. We give prizes too for funny answers and it should be a great fun night.

Please read on to learn about the work of MCDAR —

Meath Community Drug & Alcohol Response is a Voluntary Community based Initiative founded in 2001 to respond positively to identified alcohol and substance misuse issues for individuals, families and the community.

MCDAR is a confidential service providing a range of services to individuals and family members who may be experiencing difficulties with addiction. We create a safe non-judgemental environment where issues underpinning addiction can be explored. We operate our service on mutual respect, dignity and equality and strive to continually improve and develop our services.

Services available

  • Advice and Support
  • Drop In
  • Key Working
  • Harm Reduction
  • Group Work
  • Affordable Counselling Service
  • Aftercare Group
  • Alternative Therapies
  • Skills Based Family Programme
  • Community/School Initiatives

Our service is an over 18’s service and anyone can make a referral to MCDAR.

We are based in Trim, Co Meath in Unit 1, Haggard Mews.

Phone; 087 0933759 or 086 4081511                           Email;




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